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CVA announces 2016 Mask-Off winners

Skyler Brault (first place), Taylor Listovich (second place), Hannah Frank (third place), and Alexandra Tobin (honorable mention) are the winners of CVA’s 2016 Mask-Off. Each student received a gift card for their achievement.

The four were selected from 19 entries by students in CVA art teacher Christina Korba’s class. Ms. Korba photographed each student wearing his or her mask and then posted the photos to a single numbered sheet. She created a ballot using Google Forms and share it with all Central Valley staff to vote on their three favorites. The winners were those who receive the most total votes.


photo of ornate headdress mask

Talyor Listovich, second place


Photo elephant-like

Alexandra Tobin’s honorable mention

Photo of elephant mask

Hannah Frank’s third place

Photo of chinese dragon head mask

Skyler Brault, first place