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CVA bakers top Cupcake Wars

plate of five half-eaten cupcakesKathleen Deck’s CVA Baking Classes squared off on Jan. 10 for the 2020 CVA Cupcake Wars.

Teams of three or four students researched and submitted recipes. They assembled and decorated their desserts in preparation of judging. The competition required each team to bake a delicious cupcake and to decorate it in a Disney theme. Decorations ranged from Lilo and Stitch and Star Wars to Tangled and 101 Dalmatians.

Each of the four periods featured a different three-member panel of guest judges. The judges rated each cupcake for the cake, the frosting, and the decoration. The baking team with the highest combined score was crowned the class period champion.

This year’s contest marks the return of the competition after a three-year hiatus. CVA has not has a Family & Consumer Sciences program since the start of district’s capital project in 2017. Contractors put the finishing touches of the C&FS classroom just in time for the start of school last September.

Deck, a former special education teacher, was named the F&CS teacher after going back to college to earn her new certification.

3 girls smiling holding boxes of cake mix

First period winners Abigail Ruggiero, Sydney Marx, and Jazmyn Gillette

2 girls, 1 boy, smiling holding boxes of cake mix

Period 5 winners —Kayla Rhude, Abigail Shedd, and Tanner Vogel


2 girls smiling holding boxes of cake mix.

Period 7 winners —Hannah Hoke and Lauryn Patterson

4 girls smiling holding boxes of cake mixes

Period 9 winners —Zoe Edick, Raven Murphy, Emma Cirillo, and Angelina Arrigo.


4 adultstaking notes, seated at table, plates of cupcakes

F&CS teacher Kathleen Deck guides guest judges Chief Matt Snyder, social worker Brian VanVechten, and guidance counselor Alina Horner as they judges cupcakes.

3 people seated at table, plates of cupcakes, taking notes

Guest judges Superintendent Jeremy Rich, art teacher Cheryl Hicks, and math teacher Dawn Forte rate the fifth period entries.