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CVA Band students play at All-County

The Herkimer County Music Educators Association held their biannual All-County Music Festival on Friday, March 21 and Saturday, March 22. Hosted at Herkimer High School and in conjunction with Music In Our Schools Month, this festival showcased outstanding vocal and instrumental student musicians from throughout the public school districts of Herkimer County. The festival featured All-County Elementary Band, High School Band, Middle School Chorus and as an extra ensemble a select High School Women’s Chorus.

For this festival, 14 band students were selected to represent Central Valley Academy. According to Mr. Fenton, Band Director at CVA, “The students received their All County music back in early February and then had about a month to have it prepared as best they can for the first rehearsal.” Mr. Fenton went on the say that “In many ways All County is like the world of a professional musician where rehearsal time is short so the students are expected to come in having all the notes and rhythms under their fingers.”

“It is really quite an exciting weekend in that the students meet their guest conductors for the first time on Friday afternoon, have about eight to nine hours of rehearsals between Friday and Saturday, then put on a concert Saturday afternoon.”

The Central Valley Academy band students that were selected to High School All-County Band were:

  • Jessica Rankins – Flute
  • Taylor Lindig – Flute
  • Jordan Thomes – Flute
  • Janina Rogers – Bassoon
  • Josephine Bodwell – Clarinet
  • Alanna Wiediger – Clarinet
  • Aaron Barnett – Alto Saxophone
  • Eric Waite – Tenor Saxophone
  • Andrew Cross – Baritone Saxophone
  • Will Paddock – Trumpet
  • Cameron Darrow – French Horn
  • Alex Marro – Trombone
  • Chirs Molloy –Mallets
  • Michael Fahey – Percussion