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CVA blood drive hits goal

photo of two seated students handing a donation sticker to standing student

Seniors Josephine Bodwell and Justin Reynolds register classmate Rachael Thorp (right) at CVA’s December blood drive

Once again, CVA students and staff members literally rolled up their sleeves for the school’s December blood drive.

A total of 39 students and staff members donated 38 single red units and 1 double red unit for a total of 40 units. The New York-Penn Region of the Red Cross had set a goal of 38 units. In reaching its goal, the school will receive a $250 Red Cross Blood Drive scholarship.

“The drive was supposed to start at 8 a.m., but they had problems connecting their computers. They didn’t start until 10,” said faculty sponsor Shawn Wiles.

The Red Cross staff worked steadily, trying to make up for the initial delay. Despite their best efforts, they were forced to stop walk-ins by 1:30 p.m.

Twice a year, Mr. Wiles reaches out to students in his Participation in Government and economics classes to spread the word about the drive. His students step up each time, promoting the event and encouraging classmates and teachers to give. Peer support is important, especially for first-time donors.

“Most of these students have never given blood. They are nervous about the needles and the idea of blood. Classmates help them get past their fears,” said Mr. Wiles.

“In addition to giving blood, we try to show them that this is an important way to give back to their communities.”

photo of girl donating blood

Senior Brandy Torres overcame her apprehension to become a first-time blood donor.

Staff from the American Red Cross New York-Penn region collect blood in the gymnasium.

Staff from the American Red Cross New York-Penn region collect blood in the gymnasium.