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CVA now boasts two Master Teachers

On April 14, CVA teachers Krista Harwick and Jakob Lutke were named two of the state’s newest 215 Master Teachers.

“That’s an impressive achievement when you realize there are only 319 Master Teachers in all of New York’s almost 700 school districts—and Central Valley has two,” said Superintendent Cosimo Tangorra.

The New York State Master Teacher Program selects highly qualified STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) teachers to offer mentoring to fellow teachers and to help teachers develop their classroom skills.

To qualify, candidates must complete a very rigorous application that includes a personal statement; administrator observation results; letters of recommendation from the school administrator, a colleague and a student; a content exam that measures each candidate’s knowledge of the material he or she teaches; and a current resume and all transcripts.

Each Master Teacher must teach full time, participate in a minimum of 50 hours of Master Teacher programming each school year, maintain a rating of “effective” or “highly effective” on the Annual Professional Performance Review and remain in good standing in the teacher’s school and continue to demonstrate the qualities of a professional educator.