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CVA Book Club trip to Barnes and Noble stocks library shelves

Photo of a girl holding a book If you were CVA media specialist/librarian Steve Inzer, how would you make certain that the books on your shelves were titles students would read?

His solution was to enlist the help of some of his most voracious readers, his CVA Book Club. On Saturday, Feb. 27, 12 club members joined Mr. Inzer and library clerk Pat Kelly for a trip to Barnes and Noble in New Hartford to help with the task.

Each year, Central Valley receives state aid for library books. Mr. Inzer uses those funds to replace worn copies of age-old classics and to expand the offerings on the shelves. He is constantly on the look for new titles that will pique the interest of CVA students. This year after his initial purchases, he found he had about $800 left to spend.

“I thought this would be a great way to reward our biggest readers—giving them a chance to select fiction and nonfiction titles they think their peers will enjoy for years to come­­,” he said.

The students started by grabbing lattes and mochaccinos from the in-store Starbucks. Then with drinks in hand, they strolled the aisles, pawing through young adult, graphic novels, fiction, nonfiction, and even coloring books. Mr. Inzer described them as “­­carefully and thoughtfully selecting more than 50 perfect additions to the library.”

He added that the group clearly had fun.

“How often do you get the chance to shop for something you love, while using someone else’s money?” he said.

The CVA Book Club thanked Barnes and Noble for providing private table­ space, excellent customer support, and a much­ appreciated discount at the register. That warm reception and the day’s success have Mr. Inzer already planning a return trip next year.