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Two CVA cadets to attend Leadership Academy

Four cadets in uniform stand at attention next to a fire truck

CVA’s NNDCC program continues to perform at a high level, earning it recognition from area JROTC and military officials.

CVA NNDCC cadets Julia Yardley and Mitchell Clark will attend the NJROTC Area FOUR Leadership Academy July 1-13 at the U.S. Naval Station in Newport, Rhode Island. Just 144 of the 9,000 NJROTC cadets in the Northeast earn this high honor.

At the academy, the pair will experience a cycle of drill, uniform inspection, leadership lessons, sailing instruction and exhibition drill.

CVA NNDCC Instructor Commissioned Warrant Officer Gunner Beyer said the two will come back with higher expectations for their local unit. For 14 days, they will eat, sleep, and train with some of the best NJROTC candidates in the Northeastern U.S. They will return excited to raise the bar for their fellow CVA cadets.

Yardley will be next year’s Executive Officer and Clark with be the Cadet Adjutant.

A total of six CVA cadet completed the application process, which included CWO Beyer’s recommendation.

“These two are going, but I am hoping we may send one or two more cadets,” he said.

The CVA unit recently completed an inspection by the NJROTC Area FOUR Manager. He was impressed by CVA’s young program. CWO Beyer said the unit’s solid scores could open up one or two more academy slots for CVA cadets.

The fee for the academy has been paid for by generous scholarships from the Richfield Springs VFW and the Military Officers Association of America.