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CVA celebrates with Honors Dinner

group photo of the honoreesOn Thursday, June 1, Central Valley Academy honored its top students at the Fourth Annual Honors Dinner at Francesca’s Banquet House in Ilion. The 49 students are either a member of the National Senior Honor Society or are a Top Scholar (90+ GPA) or both. Several are also members of the Tri M Music Honor Society.

As families checked in, CVA chorus teacher Mark Bunce led the CVA Thunder Tones in several songs. CVA Principal Dick Keeler and Board of Education President Dan LaLonde welcomed the guests. Following dinner, the Thunder Tones sang “Maybe Someday We’ll Meet Again.” Mr. Keeler then recognized each student.

Keeping with tradition, Central Valley physical education teacher and local graduate Jonna Costin spoke, encouraging the students in their futures.

Below is a list of those recognized:

Name National Senior
Top Scholar Tri M Music
Honor Society
Ryan Bulger x x
Linnea Bush x x
Sheila Butler x x
Hannah Cusworth x
Kevin Diedrich x x
Kaitlyn Edwards x
Jacob Emrich x
Anna Engel x x x
Joshua Frank x x x
Cassidy French x x
Benjamin Girard x x
Lauren Gravelding x
Daniel Hale x x
Emily Hayes x
Ally Hyde x
Justin Jones x
Danielle Juby x x x
Leonard Kennedy x x
Adam Klosner x x
Kelsey LaVine x x
Derek Lawrence x x
Michelle LeMay x x
Ian Markwardt x x x
Sophie Millar x x
Skylar Mower x x
Savannah Moynihan x x
Ann Muzzy x
Shea Napoli x
Sonya Ogden x x
Karie Overacker x
Joshua Panko x
Alyssa Piccione x x
Nicole Pickett x x
Tyler Rhude x
Maxwell Riesel x
Alexander Roux x
Isabelle Rudwall x
Anthony Salvati x x
Abby Schultz x x
Allison Shedd x
Emily Steele x
Benjamin Stone x x
Megan Streeter x x
Rene Sumanasuriya x
Cody Turk x x x
Maria Waller x x
Charles Walz x
Andrew Weiderman x x
Andrea Wilson x x