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CVA conducts lockdown drill and dog sweep

At 8:40 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 28, Central Valley Academy conducted a lockdown drill and dog sweep. The Ilion Police Department coordinated the drill and the New York State Police canine unit performed the sweep.

New York requires all schools to practice emergency response drills such as lockdown and fire drills. A school would enter a lockdown in response to a dangerous situation inside the school building.

“During a lockdown drill, our staff and students rehearse the steps to keep safe,” said CVA principal Dick Keeler.

“We need this to be an automatic response, like a fire drill. When everyone does his or her part, it enables law enforcement to quickly respond in the unlikely case of an emergency.”

In addition to the lockdown, the New York State Police canine unit swept the school for illegal drugs and explosives.

“At least once each year, the State Police come through with the dogs. It makes sense to conduct the drill and the sweep at the same time to minimize the disruption to class time and learning,” said Mr. Keeler.