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CVA catering class is a lesson in business

photo of boy salting pretzelsSo you want to run your own business? What does it take to develop an idea, market it, watch the finances— and ultimately make a profit?

Answering those questions is an important part of CVA’s Catering Class. Family and Consumer Sciences teacher Kathy Nasypany and Business teacher Sarah Seamon co-teach the class, which guides students through the operation of a successful catering business.

Once every two to three weeks, students apply their classroom knowledge in a real-life application when they sell a tasty, home-baked treat after school. Students settle on a recipe, create advertising, produce and package the product, operate the retail shop, and track finances. One Friday afternoon it was pretzels; on another it was half-moon cookies. Class members are currently taking orders for holiday cookie trays for pickup on Tuesday, Dec. 22 and Wednesday, Dec. 23.

Items are priced to reflect the costs of marketing and production. Profits will be used to help fund a class trip the the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park.

photo of girls ladling melted cheesephoto of girl bagging pretzels