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CVA honors 2015-16 Athletes

CVA honored its 2015-16 athletes at the school’s annual Athletic Awards ceremony on June 6. Sports and Eligibility Coordinator Garrett Olds served as the evening’s emcee.

Coaches Dave Appleton (girls golf), Eric Boisen (girls cross country), Tony Bonvino (boys bowling), Bob Bush (wrestling), Jon Cole (football), Jane Connors (girls basketball), Chris French (boys indoor track), Ashley Hoffman (field hockey), Luke Judd (boys basketball), Ron Kuty (boys golf), Brian Lasowski (softball), Tim Lawrence (girls indoor track track, boys track and field), Laura LiBritz (winter cheerleading), Kelly Macisco (girls bowling), Charles Maxson (boys cross country and girls volleyball), Jim Mott (boys soccer), Tara Raux (girls track), Lisa Streeter (fall cheerleading ), Shawn Wiles (baseball) and Dave Wolfanger (girls basketball and girls soccer) presented each athlete with team and individual awards.

Varsity coaches not able to attend the awards presentation were Karen Guidi (boys volleyball) and Jen Smith (girls tennis).

In addition to special awards and noting the one-, two- and three-sport letter winners, the night honored scholar athletes as well as sectional and state champions as listed below.

Section III Scholar Athlete CVA Representatives

  • Marlee Holleran
  • Alex LeMay

2016 CVA Sectional Champions

  • Zach Crim-Indoor track and field, Section III, Class A Triple jump champion, Section III overall triple jump Champion
  • Zach Crim- Track and field, Section III, Class A2 Long jump and triple jump Champion. Section III, Class A2, 4×100 Relay Champion
  • Jazmyn Gillette- Track and field Section III, Class A2, 4×800 Relay Champion
  • Lindsay Gravelding- Track and field, Section III, Class A2, Shot put Champion
  • Emily Hayes- Track and field, Section III, Class A2, Discus Champion
  • Marlee Holleran- Track and field, Section III, Class A2, 4×800 Relay Champion
  • Danielle Juby- Indoor track and field, Section III, Class A Long jump Champion
  • Adam Klosner- Track and field, Section III, Class A2 4×100 Relay Champion
  • Abby Schultz- Track and field, Section III, Class A2, 4×800 Relay Champion
  • Michael Slaughter- Track and field, Section III, Class A2, 4×100 Relay Champion
  • Camryn Stone- Track and field, Section III, Class A2, 400m Champion, 800m Champion and 4×800 Relay Champion. Tri Valley League 800m Champion
  • Rene Sumanasuriya- Track and field, Section III, Class A2, 4×100 Relay Champion

2016 New York State Recognition

  • Jon Charles- Wrestling- 99 lb weight, First place Champion NYS Division II
  • Tanner Cook- Wrestling- 138 lb weight, Placed second in NYS Division II
  • Zach Crim- 1st place at the state qualifying meet in long jump and triple jump. He will compete at the state meet June 10 and 11
  • Charles Walz- Wrestling- 120 lb weight, placed 7/8 in NYS Division II

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Sport award winners


  • Basketball
    • Girls Basketball MVP Award—Reilly Rich
    • Girls Basketball Coach’s Award—Sophie Millar
  • Bowling
    • Ilion Moose Lodge Bowling MVP Award—Aubrey Smith
  • Girls Bowling Coach’s Award—Kaitlyn Couchman
  • Cheerleading (F)
    • Cheerleading MVP Award—Amy Castle
    • Judy Cormia Memorial Coach’s Award—Savannah Moynihan
  • Cheerleading (W)
    • Cheerleading MVP Award—Emily Steele
    • Judy Comia Memorial Coach’s Award—Ashley Dygert
  • Cross Country
    • Girls Cross Country MVP Award—Chyanna Bernier
    • Cross Country Coach’s Award—Katherine Paddock
  • Field Hockey
    • Girls Field Hockey MVP Award—Marlee Holleran
    • Field Hockey Coach’s Award—Abbie Sweeney
  • Golf
    • Girls Golf MVP Award—Ally Hyde
    • Girls Golf Coach’s Award—Caroline Gardner
  • Indoor Track
    • Girls Indoor Track MVP Award—Danielle Juby
    • Girls Indoor Track Coach’s Award—Abby Schultz
  • Soccer
    • Girls Soccer MVP Award—Reilly Rich
    • Girls Soccer Coach’s Award—Sophie Millar
  • Softball
    • Girls Softball MVP Award—Taylor Lindig
    • Softball Coach’s Award—Shea Napoli
  • Tennis
    • Alfred Hegeman Memorial Tennis MVP Award—Skylar Harwic
    • Tennis Coach’s Award— Rachel Malone
  • Track
    • George E. Anderson Memorial Track MVP Award—Paige Manley
    • Girls Track Coach’s Award—Marlee Holleran
  • Volleyball
    • American Legion Volleyball MVP Award—Brooke Macisco
    • Girls Volleyball Coach’s Award—Alyson Ratcliffe


  • Baseball
    • Dale Johnson Memorial Baseball MVP Award—Robert Baker
    • Manny Laura Memorial Baseball Coach’s Award—Clay Colburn
  • Basketball
    • Francis Murray Memorial Basketball MVP Award—Michael Bergin
    • HS Joseph Albin Memorial Basketball Coach’s Award—Philip Bodwell
  • Bowling
    • MOOSE Boys Bowling MVP Award—Ryan Fischer
    • Boys Bowling Coach’s Award—Jesse Moore
  • Cross Country
    • Boys Cross Country MVP Award—Mark Ptasznik
    • Stephen Nowacki Memorial CC Coach’s Award—Mark Ptasznik
  • Football
    • Joe Bemis Memorial Football MVP Award—Zach Crim
    • 1982 Football Parents Club Football Coach’s Award—Cody Keeler
  • Golf
    • George E. Anderson Memorial Golf MVP Award—Michael Bergin
    • Brian J. Kelly Memorial Golf Coach’s Award—Steven Bergin
  • Indoor Track
    • Boys Indoor Track MVP Award—Zach Crim
    • Boys Indoor Track Coach’s Award—Evan Dunning
  • Soccer
    • Boys Soccer MVP Award—Philip Bodwell
    • Boys Soccer Coach’s Award—Evan Dunning
  • Tennis
    • Donald Porter Memorial Tennis MVP Award—Ethan Ruszala F-S
    • Boys Tennis Coach’s Award—Jake Meola ND
  • Track
    • James Alston Track MVP Award—Zach Crim
    • Leslie “La” Ritton Track Coach’s Award—Mike Slaughter
  • Volleyball
    • Boys Volleyball MVP Award—Aaron Williams
    • Boys Volleyball Coach’s Award—Aaron Williams
  • Wrestling
    • Kim Torbitt Memorial Wrestling MVP Award—Not Awarded
    • Ricard Lewis Memorial Wrestling Coach’s Award—CJ Walz

Individual Special awards


  • Soccer-Leadership:  Robert Richards Memorial Award ($100)—Brooke Macisco
  • Team Player:  Richard Taylor Memorial Team Player Award—Kristina Lindberg
  • Unsung hero:  Betty Couchman Memorial Award—Anna Bunce
  • Service:  Senior Service Award—Paige Manley
  • Cheerleading:  Carol Noll May Cheerleading Scholarship Award—Amy Castle
  • Softball:  Softball Booster Club Award—Brooke Macisco
  • Contribution:  George O. Kane Memorial Sportsmanship Award—Abbie Sweeney
  • Volleyball:  Volleyball Booster Club Award—Paige Manley
  • Field Hockey:  Field Hockey booster club team player award—Marlee Holleran
  • Leadership:  Priscilla Burnham Memorial Leadership Award—Brooke Macisco
  • Outstanding Athlete:  Panarites Cup—Marlee Holleran


  • Contribution:  Knights of Columbus Award—Chris Molloy
  • Determination:  Harvey Watson Memorial Award—Josh Gorski
  • Baseball:  Allen J. Binney Memorial Award—Dylan Harter
  • Football:  Kathy Moreau Memorial Award—Tyler Bailey
  • Soccer:  Robert Richards Memorial Award—Brian Guido
  • Baseball:  Billy LaGase Memorial Leadership Award—Evan Dunning
  • Basketball:  Donald J. Taylor Memorial Award—Steven Bergin
  • Wrestling:  Arthur Coons Memorial Award—Nate Case
  • Wresting:  Class of 1972 Outstanding Wrestler Award—Nate Case
  • Unsung hero:  Joe Metott Sr. Memorial Award—Alex LeMay
  • Leadership:  Rocky Cramer Memorial Award—Aaron Williams
  • Citizenship:  Richard Adams Memorial Award—William Paddock
  • Competitive Spirit:  Leo Golicki Memorial Award—Nate Case
  • “Good-Kid”:  Terry “Skitch” Moran Memorial Award—Mark Ptasznik
  • Outstanding Athlete:  Lever Cup/Mills—Zach Crim

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