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CVA names mask contest winners

CVA teachers voted and chose an African motif mask created by Rachel Ellard and Anaya Summanasuryia as the winners of this year’s Mask-Off contest. The contest mirrors other 

Students Cristina Korba’s art class used cardboard, papier mache, glue, duct tape, rivets, paint and other material to create masks. Ms. Korba then posted numbered photos of the 15 masks to a Google Survey and invited teachers to choose their favorites.

This challenges students to work in a three-dimensional space. Each piece must be attractive and hold together—a blend of art and physics. Here are the top vote-getters:

photo of African style mask

First place by Rachel Ellard & Anaya Summanasuryia


photo of mask

Second place by Dan Gage


photo of mask shaped like Eiffel Tower

Third Place by Kaitlyn Bush


photo of a mask

Honorable Mention by McKenzie McGraw