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CVA Outdoor Adventure club expands horizons at film festival

What do you think of as an outdoor adventure? Skiing, snowmobiling, hiking?

CVA’s Outdoor Adventure Club expanded their definition of outdoor adventure at this year’s Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour held on Feb. 14 at Hamilton College.

The festival featured 11 award-winning films portraying climbing, mountaineering, remote cultures and untamed wilderness.  The list of stories included extreme Scottish biker Danny MacAskill performing mountain bike tricks, a group of people who traveled to Iran’s mountains to ski, dogs who joined their masters on extreme adventures, a partially paralyzed climber who returned to climb with the help of friends the rock tower that nearly claimed his life, a group of aboriginal teenagers who built a 100 kilometers of mountain bike trail through their reservation land and ended up learning valuable life lessons, two young teen rock climbers who are currently the best in the world, and a few other daring outdoor athletes pursuing their passions in the outdoors.