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CVA Outdoor Club tackles Tremper Mountain

The CVA Outdoor Adventure Club’s first outing was the 7.4-mile Tremper Mountain Fire Tower hike near Phoenicia, NY. The trail rises 1,976 feet zig-zagging up the mountain through hardwood and conifer forests. The trail is relatively steep and rocky, nothing to tough for the Outdoor Club.

The group of 14 hardy hikers left CVA at 8 a.m. on Saturday, Oct.24 for the 2 1/2-hour bus ride to the Catskill Mountains.

“There were 2 different approaches, so with the help of the bus driver’s shuttle, we were able to do a point-to-point hike.  We climbed up the steeper Phoenicia Trail and down the longer, more gradual Willow Trail.  Our total distance for the day was 7.4 miles which we completed in 4 hours with numerous breaks,” said club advisor Wendy Sanders.

The trail was challenging, with dead leaves covering the rocks, logs, and holes. The view at the top of the fire tower proved worth the effort for those adventurous enough to climb the sturcture’s five stories.

“We all took turns discovering these obstacles with tumbles and laughs as we descended the mountain.  We made a quick stop in Woodstock for some snacks, and another stop at McDonalds on the drive home; arriving at CVA at 7:00 pm.  Many thanks to our fun, inspiring, and energetic chaperones; Mrs. Rhachon, Dr. Sanders, Ingrid Otto-Jones, and Peter Molesky, for taking the day off from their weekend to help make the trip a success,” said Mrs. Sanders.

Looking for an opportunity to spend some time outdoors? Talk to the Mrs. Sanders.

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