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CVA phys ed tries its hand at yoga

Sarah Appleton

Sarah Appleton leads CVA physical education classes through an introduction to yoga.

Several of CVA’s physical education classes had a chance to test their strength, endurance and mental control on Thursday, Dec. 17 as guest instructor Sarah Appleton led them through a beginner yoga lesson.

“Phys ed teacher Jonna Costin invited Sarah to introduce our students to yoga as a part of their Fitness Center unit,” said physical education teacher Jane Connors.

“We wanted to show them different ways to exercise and to help the mind.”

Students tried several basic yoga poses including Sun Salutation, Warrior 1, Child’s Pose, and Downward Dog. Ms. Connors checked back with students throughout the day and reported that some felt more relaxed and less anxious as a result of the classes.

Sarah regularly practices yoga while attending Georgia State and is working toward becoming a certified instructor.

photo of students performing yoga photo of students performing yoga