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CVA senior tackles Spine Poetry

Photo of students with pile of books

Senior Dani Engert displays her Spine Poem – a complete poem crafted using only the titles printed on the spines of books.

Have you ever noticed that you can craft sentences by combining book titles? And did you know that there is actually a name for process? It’s called Spine Poetry.

In recognition of National Poetry month and at the suggestion of CVA Librarian Steve Inzer, senior Dani Engert tried her hand at Spine Poetry. Combining only the titles found on the spines of library books, Dani was able to create a powerful and haunting poem entitled “Dreamland.” Great job Dani!


Kaleidoscope eyes
Dream of night,
Sweet illusion.
Come back alive.
Wake invisible enemies,
Buried love,
The skin I’m in
With every drop of blood.
Broken for you,
Out of control.
The knife of never letting go.
Somewhere in the darkness
Phantoms forever rose.
A time for dancing.
A time to go.