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CVA Student Handbook—Athletic Department Regulations

XVI. Athletic Department Regulations

Physical Education Class Policy

The following policy pertaining to Physical Education Requirements at Central Valley Academy is in effect at the present time. All students must participate in physical education grades 9-12. Exceptions to participating in class are as follows:

  1. Written doctor’s excuse
  2. Illness verified in writing by parent or nurse
  3. Injury which is obvious or verified by doctor in writing

Participation means:

  1. Comes to class
  2. Dress in gym clothes and rubber soled shoes
  3. Take part actively in class activity

A student will receive a number grade or an incomplete.

Failure to participate constitutes an incomplete grade and a student will make up that class (classes) or fail to complete the requirements in physical education. Physical Education is a half credit per year for four years. Students must have 2 credits to graduate.

For the sake of health, sanitation, and personal hygiene, a shower may be required of all students who participate in regular physical education classes.

Temporary, as well as permanent, excuses for physical education classes should come through the school nurse.

The use of skill and knowledge tests is encouraged and will be used to help determine individual grades at report card period.

Students are not allowed in the gymnasium at any time unless a teacher is in attendance.

The physical education department does not prescribe treatment other than first aid for injuries, illness, or orthopedic defects except upon direction of a physician.

Athletics (Interscholastic and Intramural)

The department of physical education is in charge of all interscholastic and intramural athletics. As a member of New York State Public High School Athletic Association, all competition is regulated by that organization.

Interscholastic Athletics

All boys and girls are eligible for interscholastic activities provided they meet the state requirements. Information may be obtained by referring to the interscholastic athletic code.

Sportsmanship and Courtesy

Visiting teams are our guests. We should be courteous hosts to players, coaches, and supporters. When playing away from home, we should leave the best possible impression regardless of the outcome of the game. Long years of friendly rivalry are desirable for many reasons. Each should do his part to promote such a condition.

Officials running the game are performing a necessary service. They are competent individuals who know most about the rules. It is always poor sportsmanship to make uncomplimentary remarks in public or resort to that pinnacle of poor sportsmanship, booing.

Team Membership Tryouts

Tryouts will be held during each sports season in those areas where it is necessary to limit the size of the respective team. Eligibility, team membership and other criteria for selection will be announced in accordance with regulations and policy developed by the Director of Athletics.

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