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CVA Student Handbook—Interscholastic Athletic Code

VII. Interscholastic Athletic Code

Academic Standards:

A student athlete is eligible to play if he/she is a bona fide student of Central Valley Central School District.

  • If a student is failing one subject, the guidance counselor, teacher, student, parent & coach will review his/her case and develop an academic program for improvement. The student athlete will have a two week probationary period to improve his/her grade. During this two week period, said student athlete will continue practicing & playing in contests. If after the two week period he/she has failed to improve his/her standing in the class; he/she is suspended from contests until the teacher has signed off allowing the athlete to participate in contests.
  • If a student athlete is failing two or more subjects they will be suspended from contests until all teachers have signed off stating they can return to play in contests. All athletes are expected to attend practice after seeing a teacher for help each day.
  • If an athlete has all classes signed off except one; a committee of coach, athletic director, principal & teacher will decide if the player is eligible to compete on a day by day basis.

The counselors will provide the coaches with a failure list at both the five and ten week intervals. The committee will make evaluations periodically.

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