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CVA Student Handbook—Music Department

XVII. Music Department

Instrumental- Major Performing Groups

(Credit-Bearing) Membership and participation earn 1/2 credit per year. The numerical grades for these groups are used when computing class rank and average for Honor Roll.

  • Senior High String
  • Symphonic Band
  • Concert Band

Vocal- Major Performing Groups

(Credit-Bearing) Membership and participation earn 1/2 credit per year. The numerical grades for these groups are used when computing class rank and average Honor Roll.

  • High School Mixed Chorus
  • High School Girls’

Extracurricular Performing Groups

Senior High Jazz Ensemble and Select Choir are optional performing opportunities offered by the Music Department. These select ensembles specialize in contemporary styles of music such as jazz and rock. Pep-Band and Color Guard are also offered as optional activities. The Color Guard marches with the Parade Band at all parades throughout the year. The Pep-Band performs in the stands at all home football games. The Pep-Band uniform is blue jeans and Marching Band Sweatshirts. All five groups perform often throughout the year both at school and elsewhere in the community. All performances are mandatory and quality work is expected, but fun is also an important ingredient. Rehearsals may be held during and/or after school. No credit or grades are awarded. Please contact any member of the music department for detailed information and policies.


We offer Music in Our Lives (1 credit) to satisfy the Senior High graduation requirement in Music/Art. The class offer a general knowledge of the music of many ages and styles. Hands-on work is done with keyboards, synthesizers, and other instruments.

Additionally, Music Theory (1 credit) is offered for the experienced musician for a more in-depth look at music and its history. This class, combined with two credits form a Major Performing Group, gives a student a three-credit sequence in music. A five-credit Fine Arts Sequence is also available.

Music Lesson Policy

All music lessons are scheduled on a rotation basis or during study halls. The lesson rotation will cause a student to miss an individual class as seldom as possible.

Students are instructed to personally see their classroom teachers before attending each lesson. Students are responsible for all work and/or homework that are assigned during the class that day.

Students who are absent from a music lesson and not legally absent from school, are required to have a make-up lesson in order to receive a grade for that lesson. Failure to make-up the lesson will result in a zero. A student who schedules a make-up lesson and fails to attend for illegitimate reasons will also receive a zero.

Students who have a test or lab during a scheduled lesson should be allowed to attend their class once they have seen their music teacher to schedule a make-up lesson. Make-up lessons may be granted at the discretion of the music teacher.

All Make-up lessons should take place during the student’s free time (before school, study halls, lunch, or after school). If this is not possible, the music teacher will make arrangements with the teacher of the class the students will miss in advance of the make-up.

Performance Attendance Policy

The most educationally fulfilling aspects of enrollment in a music performing group are participation in the various concerts and performances throughout the year. As a result, the music department enforces the following policy with regards to performance attendance.

Students who are absent from a performance and unexcused by the director will receive a zero for the participation portion of their grades for the marking period in which the concert occurred. This makes 75% the highest grade possible for the marking period. The director will consider excuses no later than two weeks prior to the performances. Only unavoidable legitimate conflicts will be accepted as excuses. All excuses must be written and signed by a parent. Excuses for unforeseen emergencies will be considered at any time.

Students who receive a Pass/Fail grade will receive a failing grade for any marking period(s) during which they have not participated in a performance and were unexcused.

It is the responsibility of each child and his or her parents to be aware of the performance schedule and provide excuses that are necessary in a timely fashion.


We will also encourage students to audition for All-County, Area All-State and Conference All State as well as attend solo festivals each spring. We attend music festivals and perform on other occasions each year.

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