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CVA Student Handbook—The Cafeteria

IX. Cafeteria

Rules and Regulations

  • A. All students will enter the cafeteria and proceed to line up in order to purchase full lunch or food items. Students should remain in line after entering the cafeteria. Students should not “cut” in line.
  • B. All students will return food containers and/or trays to the lunch room collection window.
  • C. All students will clean the area where they have eaten.
  • D. No food will be taken from the cafeteria that is served in the cafeteria lines during breakfast or lunch.
  • E. Alternatives available after students have completed their lunch:
    • 1. Leave the school grounds (students should bring coats in anticipation of leaving the school grounds. They will not be able to return to their lockers.) – only for students in grades 11 and 12
    • 2. Students may go to the gymnasium.
    • 3. There will be absolutely no loitering in the cafeteria, hallways or corridors.
    • 4. Students are not permitted in the cemetery area.

Consequences and Disciplinary Action When Regulations are violated in the Cafeteria

Disciplinary action will occur if a student is reprimanded and reported to the administration for misbehavior in the cafeteria.

Free Breakfast/Lunch

All students eating in a Central Valley School building receive free breakfast and lunch under the USDA’s Community Eligibility Provision (CEP). Although parents are no longer required to submit a Free and Reduced Lunch Program form, they are required to complete a CEP Income Verification form which state and federal governments use to determine school aid.

Theft of Services

Obtaining a free lunch or reduced lunch when in actuality the student is not eligible will be considered theft of services.

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