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CVA students take 17 minutes in support of Parkland High School

Approximately 65 high school students gathered behind a large paper banner emblazoned with the words "We Support Parkland High School #NeverAgain.

Approximately 80 students gathered in the CVA gym for 17 minutes at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Mar. 14 as an expression of support for Parkland High School. The date marks the one month anniversary of the tragic school shooting that killed 17 students and staff.

CVA students quietly milled around the gym, talking about the significance of the time. The majority gathered behind a large banner bearing the words “We Support Parkland High School #NEEVERAGAIN.” Most of the students, CVA prinicipal Dick Keeler, CVA English teacher Jim Mott, and two Ilion police officers all signed the banner.

At the end, students rolled up the banner and handed it to Keeler, who will mail it to Parkland. Students then quietly returned to class.

“We wanted to provide students with an opportunity to express themselves concerning this important matter,” Keeler said.

“They organized it and were able to deliver their message responsibly and respectfully. I am proud of them.”

Update: In accordance with a statement posted by Broward County Schools, CVA will send a photo of the banner. Parkland High will no longer accept banners.