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Three CVA teams qualify as scholar athletes

Three CVA varsity winter sports teams have qualified for New York State Public High School Athletic Association Scholar Athlete Team Awards.

To be eligible, the combined grade point average (GPA) of a minimum number of varsity team members must be 90 or higher. The number of of members varies by sport. Coaches and athletic directors may include additional members with personal GPAs of 90 or higher.

Honored this season are:

  • Girls Basketball (seven members min.) with a combined GPA of 92.483. Individual scholar-athletes include sophomores Sophie Millar and Shea Napoli; juniors Anna Bunce, Abigail Jouben, Kristina Lindberg; and seniors Nicole Harrigan and Miranda Maldonado.
  • Girls Volleyball (eight members min.) with a combined GPA of 90.881. Individual scholar-athletes include seniors Lynnsey Buckley, Marissa Douglas, Taylor Lindig, Hailey Manley, Paige Morris, Shae Prusakowski, Brandy Torres, Ashley Trevor and Alyson Ratcliffe.
  • Boys Basketball (seven members min.) with a combined GPA of 90.573 juniors. Individual scholar-athletes include Michael Bergin, Steven Bergin and Phillip Bodwell, and seniors Connor Day, Cameron Madigan, Tyler Miller and William Murray.