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CVA Tree of Wishes speaks to the true meaning of the holidays

When CVA teachers came up with idea of a Tree of Wishes, few could imagine the powerful message it would deliver.

The simple construction paper tree and garland are adorned with construction paper ornaments. Each ornament carries a student wish along with the student’s initials. Some of the wishes are for Christmas gifts. Others are for silly things such as a favorite football team advancing to the Superbowl.

But a high percentage turned out to be far more serious. Many wishes involved family, health, or basic life needs such as housing, food, and clothing.

“Our students shared deep concerns and desires on those ornaments,” said Superintendent Jeremy Rich.

“Their wishes are a powerful reminder of those things in life that are truly important. That is especially important at this time of year when marketers would have us think the holidays are about gifts and big celebrations.”

Get a glimpse of of the Tree of Wishes in this brief video: