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CVA weightlifting club seeks to build more than muscles

woman spotting lifter doing bench pressesThe CVA physical education department is launching a new after school weightlifting club. The club will meet 2:15-2:55 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Each of the school’s four phys ed teachers has committed to take one night each week to train and monitor students. The club will be open to grade 9-12 student who want to build strength, train for a sport, or simply establish a healthy lifestyle.

To encourage participation, each student who attends at least five days each month will receive a club t-shirt.

Although the phys ed teachers came up with the idea, they want the students to take ownership—of themselves and the club.

“We are inviting students to help name the club,” said teacher Jonna Costin.

Interested students can cast their votes by clicking on this link.

For more information, speak with any of the CVA physical education teachers—Mrs. Costin, Ms. Connors, Mr. Lasowski, or Mr. Welch.