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CVA’s “Face Off” tests art skills

This year, Christina Korba’s studio art students put their creative talents to the test in the first annual CVA Face Off Competition.

The competition began with an art assignment to create cardboard masks, creating face-altering forms that completely hid the artists’ faces. One student researching ideas discovered the Syfy Channel’s competition-elimination series, Face Off, in which professional makeup artists compete to fabricate masks and use makeup to create aliens, cyborgs, monsters and human-animal hybrids.

The idea was a hit with the students—and the competition was born.  Over the next weeks, students used paints, fabric and cardboard to create their masterpieces. CVA faculty judged the final works, awarding top honors to:

Photo of student in 3-D mask

Jordan Roberts—Most Original Design

 student in 3-D Cardboard mask

Nicole Pickett—Most Creative Use of Cardboard

student in 3-D lion mask

Honorable Mention – Elizabeth Gazcon-Chesbro

student in 3-D snail mask

Brianna Sterling—Best Three-Dimensional Form