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CVA’s Fuentes builds prosthetic for a young drummer in World of Technology

CVA junior Gabriel Fuentes has taken advantage of his World of Technology class, both to learn important real-world skills and to improve the life of another student.

Gabriel took on a project to design and build a prosthetic that would enable a nine-year old Thomas Roy to play the drums with both hands. Thomas was born missing the lower part of his left arm. He is able to do most things other kids do, but drumming requires two hands.

Gabriel began by searching the internet for ideas. He incorporated parts of other designs, modifying them into a prototype he felt might work. He programmed the class’ 3-D printer and created his first version.

Thomas visited the class just before Thanksgiving for a fitting. The two laughed and talked about the design and ways it might be improved, and took measurements for a second, better-fitting design. Gabriel hopes to finish a final version ready by Christmas break.

Meet Gabriel and Thomas in this short video: