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CVA’s Hartmann to live broadcast Thunder sports

Beginning Thursday, Oct. 6, CVA sophomore Lucas Hartmann launches the online audio Central Valley Sport Network (CVSN). His inaugural show, which begins at 6 p.m., will be a recap of all 2016-17 Thunder fall sports. He will follow up with a livestream of the CVA vs. Cazenovia varsity football game beginning at 6:50 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 7. He plans to post his broadcast schedule on the CVSN website.

This is not Lucas’ first stab at sports broadcasting. Last year, he broadcast five basketball games and two hockey games for New Hartford High School. He discovered he loved it and equally important, he was good at it.

Right place, right time

Serendipity is a noun that means “unexpected good fortune.” And serendipity describes CVA sophomore Lucas Hartmann’s journey into sports broadcasting. It also reflects Central Valley’s good fortune as Lucus prepares to bring Central Valley Thunder sports to the Internet.

Last January, he attended a Herkimer BOCES science fiction program with the CVA Writing Club. In a conversation with trip chaperone and CVA teacher Kathleen Deck, he learned that Mrs. Deck’s son Cooper was broadcasting New Hartford games, but needed help. Lucas expressed his interest and before long, he was on the air.

Lucas’ good fortune becomes Central Valley’s. Sports fans who cannot attend the game will experience the event through his play-by-play commentary. He will archive events online for later listening.

Tools for the job

Lucas is an avid sports fan and athlete. He has played soccer, football, basketball and baseball. He is a currently a safety on the JV Thunder football team and plans to try out for basketball and baseball in the coming seasons. A self-described sports junkie, he watches ESPN and other sports outlets when he is not playing them or doing his homework.

Over time, his immersion in sports has helped him to understand each sport. That knowledge became the foundation for his venture. But knowing game and talking about it are two different things. He said he developed his personal broadcasting style listening to professional broadcasters and focusing on the background commentators on sports video games.

His parents have been supportive of his sports obsession. They have helped with basic equipment and even helped pay for Lucas’ subscription to Mixlr, the service he will use to livestream events and host recorded archives.

After high school, he hopes to attend a premier sports broadcasting program such as Syracuse University. His ultimate goal is to land a job with sports icon ESPN.

For now, he is happy to refine his skills locally. He admits that could become more difficult as time passes. As a JV athlete, he has time to broadcast varsity games. Next year could become a problem if he begins making varsity squads.

“By then, I hope to have some people helping me,” he said.

How to listen?

Simply click on the CVSN link.