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One day, my teacher was a dog

photo of students with dogOn Tuesday, Sept. 29, Barringer second graders enjoyed a visit from Myrna, a former shelter dog at the Herkimer County Humane Society. Myrna and Humane Society volunteer Jodi Flo stopped in to share the importance of caring for pets.

Myrna’s and Jodi’s visit was more than just fun; it aligned with the second grade’s current reading topic, “How do we care for animals?” Over the past weeks, students had read several fiction and nonfiction stories about caring for pets. Students used that reading, in combination with what they learned from the visit, to develop ideas for narrative writing (writing with connected events that tell a story), explaining how to care for a pet.

All of the students enjoyed learning about pets, shelter dogs, and the responsibilities of being a good pet owner. Students discussed the proper food and treats that their pets should eat to keep them healthy. They even had the chance to watch Myrna calmly join them as they exited the building during a fire drill.

photo of boy with dog“It’s important to walk your dog every day or else they won’t get enough exercise,” second grader Matthew Snell shared when asked what he had learned.

Visitors to the class are always exciting, especially four-legged visitors. Barringer teachers took that opportunity to help students understand that information can come from more than books or computers. People, and even animals, can teach important things.