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Diamond Dawgs play ball at Barringer Road

Photo of Ariel Brewer

Diamond Dawgs Intern Ariel Mroz-Brewer (Ilion ’12) introduces the ball players to Barringer Road students. Ariel is a junior at Castleton State College in Vermont.

On Thursday, June 11 members of the Mohawk Valley Diamond Dawgs visited Barringer Road Elementary School.

Four members of the minor league baseball team took time to play some kickball and to speak with students about the players’ experiences in sports.

The students wanted to know how old the players are (ages range 18-20), how long they have played baseball (about 15 years for each), what positions they play, etc.

The visit exposed Barringer Road students to young men who have worked hard and practiced regularly to pursue something they love. All Central Valley students need this same level dedication to meet their goals, whether in school or later in life.

The Diamond Dawgs is a minor league baseball team that provides collegiate athletes a summer baseball experience outside of their college programs. This year, four members of the team were selected in the later rounds of the the Major League Baseball draft. For local residents, the Diamond Dawgs offer everyone a chance to experience the fun of a higher caliber of competition in a local setting. For tickets or more information, visit the Diamond Dawgs website.