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Using a Disney movie as a teaching tool

Photo of students in theater seatsA Disney movie is great entertainment, but can it be a worthwhile teaching tool? Barringer Road second grade teachers will answer, “Yes.”

In December, Barringer Road second graders had the chance to see the Disney/Pixar film “The Good Dinosaur” at the Marquee Theater in New Hartford. The movie tells the story of two unlikely friends, a Apatosaurus named Arlo and Spot the cave boy. (Yes, the boy has a pet’s name.) Together, they learn about forgiveness, courage, daring to take chances, and the importance of family.

Back at Barringer Road, the students had several conversations about one of the movie’s themes—earning the right to leave your mark on the world. As a follow-up activity, the children created a rock wall, adding their handprints, and writing about something each could do as a legacy to positively change the world.

Photo of paper rocks, handprint silhouettes, and brief description.

Following the movie, students created paper rocks, handprint silhouettes, brief descriptions of how they can positively leave their marks on the world.