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Dr. Hughes named Lexington Fellow

The Lexington Institute has named Central Valley School District Superintendent Rich Hughes a Lexington Education Leadership Award (LELA) fellow. Dr. Hughes is one of just 10 school leaders selected nationwide. (Read the Institute release)

Dr. Hughes will begin work with strategy sessions Central Valley in January. He will receive intensive supports, gather with other fellows in March, and participate in a final showcase in Washington, DC in June. He is paired with an experienced mentor who has successfully launched a personalized learning program in his or her district. The mentor will provide advice and share personal experience to help Dr. Hughes in this ambitious undertaking.

“Although this is a great personal honor, I am most excited by the opportunity to learn how other school administrators helped create a school culture centered around personalized learning,” Dr. Hughes said.

“We are serious about wanting every one of our Thunder succeed. For that to happen, we have to recognize that every student is an individual with unique strengths and challenges. Personalized learning tailors teaching to the student, making certain the student masters the material before moving on.”

Dr. Hughes said personalized learning dovetails into the district’s vision statement—Central Valley School District will provide a relevant, progressive educational and social foundation to graduate all students as lifelong learners prepared for career and/or college.

Districts often adopt lofty vision statements without taking the steps to make vision a reality. Adopting personalized learning is a clear statement that Central Valley is going to make every effort to help every child succeed in life, he said.

Lexington Institute is a non-profit public policy think tank focused on education reform.