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Drivers following new guidelines improve Jarvis traffic flow

On Thursday, Dec. 1, parents found it easier to drop off their children off in front of Gregory B. Jarvis Middle School. The improvement is the result drivers following new drop-off guidelines designed to improve traffic flow.

In a letter sent home to Jarvis parents, principal Melissa Hoskey said increased traffic was creating safety concerns. She noted traffic congestion, students crossing in front of oncoming cars, and damage to school neighbors’ yards as common problems. Limited parking and narrow streets made things even more difficult. She met with Mohawk police to work out a reasonable plan.

The guidelines focus on two main areas. First, parents were asked to drop off students at the school’s main entrance on Grove St. or at the corner of Main St. and Grove St. and not on Richfield or Center streets. Second, drivers were asked to remain in line, pull as far forward as possible without blocking crosswalks, and discharge their passengers as quickly as possible.

The first morning was a success. The morning crossing guard relayed to Mrs. Hoskey that traffic flowed smoothly.

“We want to thank our families for taking these simple steps to help keep our Thunder safe,” said Mrs. Hoskey.

“Almost all of our drivers followed these simple steps which resulted in the smoothest and safest flow of traffic we have seen. It is amazing what we accomplish when we work together.”

The letter also outlined guidelines for dismissal. It asked parents to either only park in legal parking spaces to wait for dismissal or to wait until buses dismiss at 2:25 p.m. to pull up to the school to pick students up.