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Are you getting emergency notifications?

Please take a moment to make certain you receive emergency notifications from Central Valley School District.

  • Recognize and listen to calls from the district number 315-895-7729, to avoid needlessly calling the district.
  • Respond Y to 67587 to allow texts from the school district.
  • Confirm the emergency contact information you have on file with the district is up-to-date.
  • Notify a child’s school immediately of any telephone number/text/email address changes.

Opting out

Federal law enables you to opt out of automated general school communications.

Central Valley breaks messages into two categories:

1) Important

•  These include such things as school emergencies, closings/delays/early releases, attendance, student health, transportation issues/delays, etc.
•  The system will call up to four telephone numbers, text two numbers, and email one address.

2) General

• These include such things as school-related events, field trips, fundraisers, etc.
•  The system will call up to two telephone numbers, text two numbers, and email one address.

You may opt out of general messages by contacting your child’s school or by following the prompts at the end of any general message you receive.

Note: You will continue to receive the important messages.