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Fisher and Barringer Road celebrate Global School Play Day

On Feb. 5, Fisher and Barringer Road Elementary schools celebrated Global School Play Day.

Global School Play Day celebrates student imagination by encouraging them to learn through play. Students played under adult supervision, but without adult direction. The focus is on unstructured play—children playing with their peers, sharing, learning to be creative, problem solve, accepting/learning from failure, working together, being kind, exploring, and using their imagination. Toys included Legos, blocks, board games, animals, action figures, play centers, etc. The only limit is no batteries or other electrical power.

Global School Play Day began in response to the observation that many of today’s children do not grow up playing. They either passively respond to television and video games, or are constantly involved in directed activities such as school work and sports. For some children, playing with peers, sharing toys, and sharing play space is a new experience.

The idea behind the day is best summed up by the Albert Einstein quote on the Fisher first grade teacher’s shirts, “Play is the highest form of research.”

close up boy and girl at table in classroom classroom, boy and girl looking at something off camera

woman whispering in smiling girls ear, smiling boy wathces classroom, two girls at table, box of Mr. Potato Heads

classroom, 5 children, blocks closeup boy holding block tower, classroom, cubby lockers filled with coats

4 children at table, classroom, playing with construction toys classroom, 2 girls at table, assembling jigsaw puzzle

classroom, close up boy at table, playing with Playdoh classroom, girl seated at table looking at construction set, boy playing with toy bird

classroom, 2 girls looking out playhouse window 7 small children around table, classroom, children's instruments

girl on indoor climbing wall gym, boy sitting on bouncy ball, group of children on balls and climbing wall in background

classroom, closeup boy and girl working a table on a craft project classroom, young boy and gilr playing with Legos

classroom, closeup girl playing with clay at table classroom, 3 young children playing with clay

classroom, smiling teacher, minion doll classroom, 4 smiling children

classroom, 3 boys around checkboard classroom, 3 young girls playing Guess Who board game

classroom, teacher, flashcard, two young boys classroom, 3 laughing young students

classroom, boy sitting on floor playing with building blocks classroom, boy with tower

classroom, two students at tables with playing cards classroom, 2 girls playing Battleship board game

classroom, teacher and five students around mini shuffleboard classroom, closeup girl drawing with colored markers

classroom, 3 students playing with clay classroom 2 boys playing with legos

classroom, 5 girls smiling, playing with silly putty classroom, 4 students playing with construction blocks

classroom, 5 students seated on floor playing game classroom, 4 students at table playing Battleship board game

classroom 3 students playing with Legos classroom, 3 boys playing Life board game

classroom, 2 boys on floor playing with Legos classroom, 3 students at table drawing with markers

classroom, 3 girls playing Twister game

classroom, 3 student playing board game on floor