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Fisher BEAR Breakfast combines fun and reading

photo of adult with a student

Fisher’s BEAR breakfast gives parents and other caring adults a chance to spend time with Pre-kindergarten students and time to learn ways to encourage a love of reading.

On Friday, Nov. 18, students and teachers in the Fisher Elementary Pre-k classes wore their pajamas to school. No, they didn’t get up late for school and not have time to dress. It was all part of Fisher’s BEAR Breakfast.>

Fisher holds BEAR (Be Excited About Reading) Breakfast to encourage families and students to read together. The November theme was literacy and Thanksgiving.

The day began with students enjoying a finger food feast of fruit, bagels, donuts, cereal bars, juice, and milk in the school cafeteria. Students returned to their rooms where they were joined by their invited guests—parents, grandparents, other adult family members and adult friends. Together, they listened as their Pre-k teachers read the book, “Who Will Carve the Turkey This Thanksgiving?” by Jerry Pallotta.

As they read, the teachers modeled how to prompt children to make predictions about the story and visualize events. Parents learned how to ask questions about vocabulary and to encourage their young readers to retell stories in students’ own words. These techniques help students to better understand what they read.

Who Will Carve the Turkey This Thanksgiving?” tells the tale of a Thanksgiving gathering of animals. As the title asks, who will carve the turkey? Will it be the killer whale, the saber-toothed tiger, the Tyrannosaurus Rex? Each student drew a picture of the animal they thought would carve the turkey.

161118fishbearbreakfast22Students also made a Thanksgiving bracelet with colored beads. The teacher read a poem retelling the Thanksgiving story. Each line of poem related to a color such as the white sails of the Mayflower, the blue ocean, the green land, and the orange pumpkin pie. The Pre-kers carefully followed instructions, adding a colored bead to their bracelets with corresponding line of the poem.

At the end of the activities, each student received a their own book purchased by the Pre-K program.

It was a special day for everyone. After all, it’s not every day that you invite special adults to share your learning and get to wear your pajamas to school!