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Fisher fun with music trivia

Let’s test your music knowledge. Can you answer any of the following questions?

  • In Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf, the French horns played which character in the story?
    • The wolf
  • The recorder, flute, and clarinet are members of this instrument family?
    • Woodwind
  • When reading rhythms in music class, the notes that look like headphones say………….?
    • Ti-ti
  • In Disney’s Fantasia, the illustrator drew the composer, George Gershwin, into his piece Rhapsody in Blue. What was Gershwin doing in the cartoon?
    • Playing the piano

Several Fisher Elementary students knew the answers to these questions as they tested their music knowledge with the weekly Music in Our Schools month trivia question. Students waited anxiously to hear the question of the week over the public address system. They took a chance their answer was correct and placed it in the collection box. Each week the answers were read and those who answered correctly were put into a drawing for a chance to win a prize.

Fisher music teacher Kimberly Pierce wanted to keep the students thinking about music all month long. “March marks Music in Our Schools  month where music education becomes a focus in schools across the country,” she said.

“The weekly trivia question engaged students to think outside of their everyday classwork and reinforce what they have previously learned.”

Photo of the 2015 Fisher Music in Our Schools Month trivia question winners

Winners of the Fisher Elementary 2015 Music in Our Schools Month Trivia Questions.

Music trivia question winners


Makayla Rodgers


Zain Abantha, James Amendolare, Isabella Bouck, Coleigh Lape, Tatyana Lowe, Tyler Monahan, Tayda Seelbach, and Isabella Williams


Riley Bacon, Tayden Leon, Dakota Sanders, and Matthew Yardley


Nathan Clark, Cole DeLuca, Dominic Downes, Alex Duga, Clifford Gary, Avery Hayes, Megan March, Kathryn Rodgers, Dakota Sheperd, Jacob Tur, Lauren Walrath, Javien Washington, and Brianna Wormuth


Brooke Burns, Ethan Darby, Delaney Francisco, Audreanna Greene, Jason Keeler, Joshua Lape, Mercede LeFevre, Dylan Meszler, Mallory Mower, and Cameron Perez