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Fisher jumps for heart health

Photo of Fisher 2015 Jump Rope for HeartFisher Elementary students participated in the American Heart Association’s (AHA) Jump Rope for Heart initiative the month of March. Students collected donations, learned more about the American Heart Association, heart disease, prevention, and how cardiovascular activities can help you stay healthy. They jumped all month long in physical education class, even learning a few jump rope tricks. The big culminating event took place on March 25 where the total raised was revealed.

Thanks to overwhelming community support, the students at Fisher Elementary raised $13,357 for the American Heart Association in the Jump Rope for Heart Event! Classes with the highest totals earned pizza parties (Thank you PTO!) and those students who raised the most money per grade level get to enjoy lunch with Coach Patrei and Coach Raux! Congratulations Fisher Elementary!!!

Photo of Fisher 2015 Jump Rope for HeartDuring the month of March, students not only learned such tricks as the frog, double unders, skier, and peek-a-boo, they also learned how to cooperate and work with others when doing partner and long rope tricks.  Coach Raux and Coach Patrei would like to commend all of the students for their bravery to attempt the tricks.  Everyone discovered, the tricks cannot only be difficult, but the learning process can be challenging!  Even students as young as five became successful with various rope utilization.  We learned many locomotor concepts and even such tricks as the helicopter, side swing, and the airplane!

Students participated in daily contests of speed jumping and a one minute jump contest!  Can you jump rope continuously for one full minute?  Any student who was able to do so enjoyed signing the Jump Rope for Heart wall!  Top students who jumped continuously (without any mistakes or rope stoppage) were third grader Austin Trask, who went five minutes and four seconds, and fourth graders Josh Lape at 5:02, and Tanner Warren at 4:55.  Excellent job to all students as so many improved every class!

As Fisher anxiously await for the incentives that many students earned to arrive sometime in May, one student was the winner of the Zike Z150 Scooter! Second grader Beyonka Moshier was our lucky winner and was able to take the donated prize home!

The month of April at Fisher brings about bicycle safety and we send the message to students to ALWAYS wear their helmet!  It’s even the LAW!  In New York State, all children under the age of 14 are required to wear a helmet!  This even includes: in-line skates, roller skates, skateboarders, and non-motorized scooters.

  • Photo of 2015 Fisher Jump Rope for Heart event