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Fisher launches Personalized Learning

Photo of four teachers

Lauren Passiatore, Andrea Hartman, Amy Brien, and Angela O’Rourke kicked off Personalized Learning at Fisher with an exciting rocket project!

On Monday, Feb. 27, Harry M. Fisher Elementary School officially launched Personalized Learning.

First grade students in Amy Brien’s, Andrea Hartman’s, Alicia O’Rourke’s, and Lauren Passiatore’s classes gathered in the gymnasium for a “launch-themed” project. These are the school’s first classrooms to officially adopt Personalized Learning.

The project tested creativity, construction, and collaboration. Each group of students received a cardboard tube, construction paper, aluminum foil, crepe paper streamers, glue stick and markers to build a rocket. Mrs. Brien slid the finished rockets over an air rocket that she placed on a launcher. Superintendent Rich Hughes, dressed in an astronaut costume, stomped on the launcher, propelling the rocket toward the ceiling. The team whose rocket flew the highest was the winner.

The gym was filled with laughter and conversation as each group debated design ideas and construction techniques. The task was not easy. Turning a paper concept into a finished rocket was hard work. Happily, all 10 teams completed the project and set a finished rocket to the launchpad.

The launch officially kicked off Fisher Elementary’s commitment to Personalized Learning. Personalized Learning is simply using proven, best practices to teach every child to his or her ability. Interested teachers received special training over the last several months. They readily share what they have learned with anyone interested. Learn more about Personalized Learning.

Watch the video below to share in our launch celebration!