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Fisher Play Day was a hit!

On Feb. 6, Fisher Elementary celebrated Global School Play Day.

Global School Play Day celebrates student imagination by encouraging them to learn through play. For half of the school day, students will be free to play under adult supervision but without adult direction. The focus is on unstructured play—children playing with their peers; learning to be creative, problem solve, accepting/learning from failure, working together, being kind, exploring, and using their imagination. Toys may include Legos, blocks, board games, animals, action figures, etc. The only limit is no batteries or other electrical power.

Global School Play Day began in response to the observation that many of today’s children do not grow up playing. They either passively respond to television and video games, or are constantly involved in directed activities such as school work and sports. Some researchers argue that the lack of play contributes to stress, depression, and even suicide.