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Fisher PTO Turkey Trot winners

Congratulations to all who competed in Fisher Elementary PTO’s 7th Annual Turkey Trot. Top finishers were:

Free Kids Runs

4-6 year olds – 1/4 mile run

First – Brice Boucher
Second – Addison Smithson
Third – Hayley Wormuth                          

First – Cullen Judd
Second – Logan Kubecka
Third – Jake Chetney

7-9 year olds – 1/2 mile run

Carson Boucher
Sophie Colone
Chloe Rose

Nolan Tutty
Logan Hewitt
Anthony Colone

10-12 year olds – 1 mile

Savannah Moore
Isabella Kleban
Emma Wheet

Michael Conley
Tyler Ecker
Benjamin Shephard

Top Finishers in the 5K Turkey Trot Race

1-12 years old: Rikki Smith (male), Kaelin Napoli (female)
12-19 years old:  Jazper Plidori (male), Libby Seymour (female)
20-29 years old: Matthew Gallimo, (male), Hillary Holden (female)
30-39 years old:  Jerry Kalka (male), Krista Harwich (female)
40-49 years old:  Dan Capron (male), Kara Rusch (female)
50-59 years old:  Michale Abdallah (male), Joanne Reynolds (female)
60-69 years old:  Dana Brewer (male), Dorothy Massinger (female)