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Imagination and curiosity reigns at Fisher Science Fair *updated

Photo of students at science fairFamily and friends crowded into the Fisher Elementary gym on May 14 for the school’s first  Science Fair.

Budding scientists dressed in blue lab coats presented research that covered topic ranging from volcanoes to the affects or beverages on teeth.

“This was a great example of what happens when you give young students the opportunity to demonstrate what they learn,” said Superintendent Rich Hughes as he wandered among the many exhibits.

The students in grades 2-4 were real-life examples of a 21st-century education. They researched topics online and in books, designed their experiments and demonstrations, and created colorful and informative displays. It was a lesson in science, art, language arts, public speaking—skills they will need throughout their lives.

For a taste of the evening, watch the video below produced by Michael Flores.