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Fisher sets record for Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser

The 2016 Fisher Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser was the best ever, reaching $15,404 in donations for the American Heart Association!

For making the $15,000 goal, Fisher principal Michele Pilla kept her promise to cut 10″ of her hair.

A reason to jump

In addition to collecting donations, student learned about the American Heart Association, heart disease, prevention, and how cardiovascular activities can help you stay healthy. They jumped all month in physical education class, even learning a few jump rope tricks. The big culminating event took place on March 29 where the total raised was revealed.

During the month, learned tricks such as the frog, double unders, skier, and peek-a-boo. They learned how to cooperate and work with others when doing partner and long rope tricks.

Students participated in daily contests of speed jumping and a one minute jump contest!  Can you jump rope continuously for one full minute?  Any student who could, earned a spot on the Jump Rope for Heart wall!  This year’s top jumper was Avery Hayes shattered the school and district record (topping even the high school mark) at 12:22.

Top fundraisers

The classroom with the highest donations in each grade will receive a pizza party from the Fisher PTO. The winner are:

  • Pre k – O’Roarke
  • K – Watson
  • 1 – Bernard
  • 2 – Pedersen
  • 3 – Barr
  • 4 – Michael


Kindergarten earned an extra recess with Ms. Raux and Mr. Patrei for being the grade with the highest donations.  They are waiting for a warm day to head outside to the baseball field.

Other winners were:

  • Sandy Ferlo (Rorick) won the scooter.
  • Ava Lewis (McDermott) won the tablet.
  • Myles Gauthier (Bliss), Dmitri VanSchoick (Watson), and Carlina Mula (Bernard) lunch with the physical education teachers
  • Riley Scott (Rorick), Jacob Miller (Laubenstein), Emma Bullis (Marusic) tied Madison Bruck (Michael) won a walking lunch trip to Paesano’s


  • Photo of students with banner