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Floating museum brings WWII to life for CVA students

Group photo of students aboard a ship

On Friday May 2, students in Roy Upson’s Military History II class and Nicholas Netti’s World War II class took a trip to visit the floating exhibits at Battleship Cove in Fall River, MA. The museum includes two restored WW II PT boats, the Cold War Era destroyer USS Joseph P. Kennedy, the Russian-made guided missile frigate Hiddensee, the WW II era submarine USS Lionfish, and the mueseum’s centerpiece, the battleship USS Massachusetts.

Students took self-guided tours of each of the ships, gaining first-hand knowledge of the military technology used during WW II and the Cold War. They also got a taste the life of a WWII sailor. They spent hours aboard the Massachusetts and seemed most interested in the various weapons systems and the level of coordination necessary for a ships’ crew to operates those systems.

Learning about history from a book, or even the Internet, goes only so far said Mr. Netti. These students were able to touch and see history in a way he could never duplicate in a classroom.

“Mr. Upson and I and our students are very grateful for this opportunity the district supported. We hope these kinds of activities will continue in the future,” he said.