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Freedom of Information

Does the district have a policy concerning public access to information?

Yes, in accordance with the federal Freedom of Information Act, Community Relations Policy 1100.1 details the district policy regarding public access to records.

Where can I find information related to the school?

Central Valley Central School attempts to make all relevant information publicly available to parents, students and community members via the district website. Please note that the law prevents access to protected information, such as health and employment records.

What if I cannot find the information I desire?

If the desired information is not listed on the website, please contact the district office at 894-9934. District staff will generally provide the information over the phone or provide copies of the appropriate documents or information via mail or email.

In rare instances, you may be asked to submit your request in writing. This request may be made via email directly to the Records Access Officer listed below. For guidance making a request, please visit the Committee on Open Government website.

Records Access Officer:

Ken Long, Business Manager
Central Valley School District
111 Frederick St.
Ilion, NY 13357
Mon.-Fri.:  8 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

What if I do not know the names of the actual documents or where to find them?

The Records Access Officer facilitates the flow of information from the district to the public and will assist you in framing your request.

What will the Records Access Officer do with my request?

In accordance with district policy, the Records Access Officer must respond within five days of receipt of the request by:

  • Making the information available for inspection and or photocopying,
  • Providing a copy of the requested information,
  • Providing a date when the information will be available,
  • Explaining why the information is not available, or
  • Denying all or part of the request.

What if I feel my request has been wrongly denied?

You may appeal the decision via letter to the District Clerk at the address below within 30 days of the denial. You must include a copy of the original request and a copy of the denial.

Marsha Griffith, District Clerk
Central Valley School District
111 Frederick St.
Ilion, NY 13357
Mon.-Fri.:  8 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

The Superintendent of Schools Richard Hughes will review the appeal. The superintendent’s findings and documentation are then sent to the New York State Committee on Open Government. The superintendent may be reached by contacting the district clerk.

Is there a fee associated with this request?

You may be charged $0.25 per page for photocopying or the actual cost of providing it in a different format. Details may be found in the district policy regarding public access to records.