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Geology Club to chronicle Hawaii trip

When the CVA Geology Club travels to Hawaii April 11-22, students will share their experiences via a blog. Follow their adventures here.

Read below as club adviser and CVA science teacher Kirsten Benson introduces the trip:


The Hawaii Course is designed as an opportunity for our students to observe the world around them, and  centers on a working trip to one of the most unique geologic sites in the world.  Kilauea Volcano has been continuously erupting since 1983, with a gentle flow that often may be safely observed.  Kilauea is one of the 5 volcanoes that make up the Big Island of Hawaii.  These volcanic structures are formed by a hotspot located near the center of the Pacific Plate.  These volcanic processes created an environment encompassing all but one of the world’s varied climate types, and is home to many species that are found nowhere else on earth.  The Hawaii Course is designed with this in mind, and will guide students toward understanding how geology, the environment, and ecology mold cultures and civilizations, and the importance of nurturing this relationship.  The Hawaiian people have understood this since before they inhabited the islands, and are a wonderful group to work with to understand the importance of sustainability.

The 13 students and 4 chaperones have been preparing for this trip academically and by fundraising to help with individual cost of the trip all year.  Our school and community have been very supportive of this endeavor.  We invite you to check back to read about our adventure through this blog.

A hui hou,

Ms. Benson

Bloggers’ schedule

Tuesday, April 11, 2017—Grace, Emily, Skylar, CarolAnn
Wednesday, April 12—Logan, Trent, Austin
Thursday, April 13—Kevin, Andrew, Seth
Friday, April 14—Sophie, Andrea, Lauren
Saturday, April 15—Grace, Emily, Skylar, CarolAnn
Sunday, April 16—Logan, Trent, Austin
Monday, April 17—Kevin, Andrew, Seth
Tuesday, April 18—Sophie, Andrea, Lauren
Wednesday, April 19—Grace, Emily, Skylar, CarolAnn
Thursday, April 20—Logan, Trent, Austin
Friday, April 21→ Saturday, April 22—Kevin, Andrew, Seth