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Fifth Grade Olympics add incentive to goal setting

Earlier in the year, fifth grader worked with counselor Shannon Buttacaroli on a goal setting exercise. Students learned about SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Framed) goals and the importance of setting goals. They learned that short term goals are building blocks to long term goals and that without goals, they will have nothing to strive for.

During the exercise, each student completed an “Olympic Profile,” identifying seven goals—one long-term, three short-term, one personal, one social and one family. These “Olympic Profiles” are displayed in the fifth grade hallway.

To help make it fun and keep everyone focused on those goals, the fifth grade advisory classes (Bowman, Biamonte, Harris, Scharett, Murray, Ebling and Heaton) are competing in the areas of academics, attendance and behavior. Every five weeks, the advisory classes that have the fewest ineligible students, the fewest absences and the fewest discipline referrals receive a medal—gold, silver or bronze. Medals are posted in the hallway. The advisory class at the end of the year earning the most gold medals wins a party of their choice.