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Second grade PSA teaches sun safety

Julie Ball’s second grade class created this public service announcement about skin cancer and the importance of being safe in the sun.

It began with research about the negative effect of the sun on our skin, how the sun’s ultraviolet rays contribute to cancer and why it is important to protect our skin. They broke into groups to tackle specific topics, identifying facts or information to educate others. They wrote their scripts and even chose the background for their portions of the video.

This end-of-the-year project tied into the class’ Unit 5 Wonders reading theme, “Let’s make a difference.” It guided the students to ponder how people (even kids like them) can make a difference.

“Putting it simply, a lot of work went into making this video. I couldn’t have done it without the help of Frank McGrath,” said Mrs. Ball.

“Though the kids may have made little mistakes here and there and even mispronounced some of the words, we can all agree that the end product is not only educational, but priceless!”