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Great things are happening in our classrooms

teacher reaching across a desk pointing to something on a student's paper

For the past two days, teachers and administrators visited classrooms in all four Central Valley schools.

And what they saw was awesome!

Teachers were teaching small groups of students, carefully tailoring that instruction to meet each student’s needs. Teachers were using data (progress measures) to develop materials targeted at student’s needs and to track each student’s progress. Students were watching videos and using other technology to do research and and practice skills to support their learning. Students were taking time, individually or working with other students, to think carefully about and apply what they were learning.

The best part was that students were listening, working and learning!

The visits were part of the ongoing effort to explore and promote the use of best teaching practices in all grades and subject areas. Those best practices are the foundation of Personalized Learning – teaching in a way that meets the needs of individual students. Read more about Personalized Learning or watch this video to learn more.

The visitors stopped into six classrooms in each building where the teacher had volunteered to host the group. Each visit lasted just 10 minutes. The visitors observed the class and occasionally spoke with students about the work they were doing.

Personalized Learning consultant Kelly Freiheit and the visitors met after they completed their visits in each building What they discovered was that most teachers were beginning to use some of the best practices outlined in Personalized Learning, which was amazing because most of the teachers had not yet participated in Personalized Learning training.

Students give Personalized Learning an “A”

Feedback from students was clear. They like the classes where the teachers have embraced Personalized Learning.

One CVA student said she was learning more in her class than she had learned in other classes. Younger students were able to share how much more they understood and how much better they liked their classrooms. Even more important, students were hard at work, even without a teacher’s steady reminder to “stay on task.”

When students like their classes and feel like they are learning, they become engaged. They begin to take ownership of their own learning. School is not something they have to do. It becomes something they want to do.

Stay tuned for more of the great teaching and learning taking place at Central Valley.

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Smiling man bent over speaking to a student on the other side of a table while a woman and other students look on Standing man bent over to speak with young girl seated at a desk

Seated woman speaks to two students seated at their desks Woman points over the shoulder of young boy to information in folder

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