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Guidelines for the 2019 Mott Marathon

The 13th Annual Mott Marathon returns on Thursday, June 13 to CVA’s Diss Athletic Complex. To protect our communities’ investment in this outstanding sports venue, we are adopting two simple rules:
  • Water only on the game turf (Colored or flavored drinks and food will permanently stain the field and can break down the artificial fibers.)
  • Only tents and canopies anchored by sand bags on the artificial surface (Stakes and sharp items like the edges of concrete blocks will puncture the surface or damage the fibers.)
Spectators and support teams with traditional tents that require stakes are welcome on grass sections around the track. Staff will set up tables on certain sections on the track away from the field for spectators’ and runners’ drinks and food.
Please join our marathoners as we continue this proud tradition at CVA’s great new facility.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Race Director Jim Mott at