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A Halloween message from Fisher Elementary

This year we are starting new traditions at Fisher Elementary. For Halloween, the faculty and staff are planning an inside Trick-or-Treat for the children. The children will participate in the following activities inside of the building:

•  A parade with their classes around the inside of the school,
•  Trick-or-Treating in their grade-level hallway, and
•  A classroom party.

All activities will take place after lunch. The faculty and staff are excited to share this fun event with your child! We hope you are equally as eager to hear all the details of their fun and exciting school Halloween activities! There will also be pictures posted of the students on the school website for our Central Valley families to see.

The children WILL BE ALLOWED to dress up for the Trick-or-Treat class parade  around the inside of the school and classroom party portion of the day. Please don’t send your child to school in their costumes. Your child’s costume must be in a bag clearly labeled with your child’s name and their classroom teacher’s name.

All students wearing a costume must adhere to the following guidelines:

•  Please have your child wear something to school that can be worn UNDER their costume.
•  Your child’s classroom teacher will help your child get their costumes on, but please keep in mind they have several children to dress so please have them PRACTICE putting their costumes on at home.
•  Please NO face paint, weapons, scary masks, props or accessories that go with the costume such as; swords, wands, etc.
•  Teachers are not responsible for lost, broken or stained costumes.
•  In light of recent events in the media, please no clown costumes.

We are asking families to please donate a bag of candy or (pencils, individual bags of pretzels, etc.) to use at our trick or treating stations for each grade level. Please send your candy donation in by no later than Wednesday, October 26th.

As a reminder, this is a student only event and parents are not permitted to attend the parade portion. There will be many opportunities throughout the year for parents to participate in other school activities. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher.

Thank you for your generosity and cooperation,

The Thunder Family at Fisher